El CEPA amb Zero Waste

CEPA member of the Federation of Ecologists of Catalonia, is one of the main Catalan driving force of the Zero Waste Strategy. CEPA sends its support to the international meeting against incineration in Barletta through this letter presented by our activist colleagues from Montcada.

The Catalan Zero Waste Strategy, formed by different sectors of the Catalan society (municipalities, universities, civic entities and businesses) promotes a radical change in the production model, consumption and waste management.

Based on more than one hundred successful municipalities in Catalonia which apply the Door-to-door waste management, we propose to reverse the current trends of waste management where only 30% of the waste is recycled and 70% is incinerated or left in landfills. We propose that at leaprograma zero wastest 70% of the waste is recycled by 2020 and the approval of a calendar that abandons incineration as a waste management system. In addition, we propose to change the regulations that help to promote these goals, and allow to provide the products into the market with the highest minimizing packaging, which are reusable and/or easily recyclable and fiscally penalize short-term and one-use products.

In Catalonia, we are excited with the current significant social and political changes that may be the opportunity of a new model that will prioritize environmental and human health protection.

We are moving towards Zero Waste !!!

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